November 4, 2014


Moon Mars Uranus Pluto.
Then on to Moon trine Jupiter
It’s a motivator!

Venus ruled Full Moon coming on for Thursday,
but now we live in the land of MARS.


Nothing is not an acceptable answer.
At least furiously clean the stove, or throw away something you hate,
if no major plans can be enacted today.
Or how about this one?
Do whatever you want!

It’s not a good day to sit around wishing things were different.
Nor is it the time for elaborate calculations.

Who has the patience?

Instead, find something changeable and change it.
More things can be altered than you think.

We are in FLUX.
The way the sky hits you will surely determine if your luck is finally turning,
or if your past has just caught up…

…wait, could these things be related?

Plenty of power on tap,
but don’t use a flamethrower for the birthday candles.

If you need to be brave, do it to it!
This is your sky!

Love YOU!!!!


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