December 4, 2012, Neptune in Pisces Flash Mob

Neptune in Pisces, forgotten over there in the twelfth house.

What kinds of real magic are possible?

How about flash mobs as a Neptune in Pisces Phenomenon?

A sort of real magic that is getting popular

It’s a collaborative mutual artistic experience.

Pisces is about the collective and the unconscious.
It has a certain way of just allowing things to happen, crossing boundaries,
not in a I dare you kind of way, rather in a merging perceptions kind of way,

Usually the purpose of a flash mob is just to make everyone feel good.

This is my all time Fav Flash Mob Ever!
It’s a little documentary

Long, but totally worth it, wait for it, wait for it…!

There something about introducing an element of unexpected collective beauty,

So generous and inclusive

Ordinary and unexpected, is this really happening?!

That is <3 Pisces!<3

What’s your Favorite Flash Mob?

Have you done it? Would you do it?



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