November 3, 2012


Hey Beautifuls,

Welcome to the weekend. The Moon is in Crab,
supported by Saturn and Neptune.
Keep your security and give yourself an out and you’ll do alright.

Cardinal T-Square with Venus still in effect

Crabs can not catch a break. truth.

Ghosts, people from the past, why do we have to keep reviewing the same lessons!? Why does everything move so slow, Why is there a Merc. Retro coming?! Can’t we just choose and be done with it?!
So Frustrating, no?!

There is an impulse for possible vengeance/retribution, and you may have good cause, but I would skip if poss. If you want ugly, you won’t have far to look.

I heard this song for the first time in years.
the chorus stood out for today:

Themes of isolation, love, and money.

This is a lonely life
Sorrows everywhere you turn
And that’s worth something
When you think about it
That’s worth some money
That’s worth something
When you think about it
That is worth some money

To prove that I love you
Because I believe in you…

If I have weaknesses
Don’t let them blind me now

IF!? Oh Paul you optimist!

Listen it’s beautiful:

One more

Soon our fortunes will be made, my darling
And we will leave this loathsome little town…

Love and Money,

for these values look your Venus and your 2nd house.
What to hang on to, and how to let go?

Faith is an island in the setting sun
But proof, yes
Proof is the bottom line for everyone




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