December 3, 2012

Happy Monday

The Moon is in LEO. Notice how I always put the whole thing in Caps?
LEO’s are great that way. Center of attention.

When the Moon is in LEO it’s the best possible day to get your hair did,
or make a luxe purchase.
It’s a good day to revamp your style, to show off, perform,
enjoy the show; your show, their show.

Often some drama is on offer.
With the Square to Saturn in Scorpio, you wanna keep your game face on today,
slackers won’t fare as well.

Could be good though. Drama has a bad rap. It’s the dynamic we love to hate.
Keeps life interesting, you gotta admit.
Although it may be out of fashion to say, I would rather have something going on than just yawns and the daily routine.

Today is a good day to radiate, to offer your light to those who need it, to see the dazzle in the hearts of those you love. Bright, brighter, brightest.
Everything revolves around the Sun.

I love this song by Kishi Bashi.
It seems to be a love song between God and the Devil.
If that’s not big opera, I don’t know what is.

‘Cept maybe a Big Opera



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