November 29, 2012

Well that is just funny. The Moon is void of course today, we still kind float around in the Eclipse Zone, things will take some time to shake out.

Despite Mercury moving ahead, all the communication/computer/car etc… is still wonky, and unreliable. I’m taking that as a cue for the whole Gemini Eclipse… there are more shoes to drop, and more clues to come in.

How does that car land?

Do go ahead and make your moves, talk to people, get your car fixed, whatev, it’s just going to keep playing out a bit. Even with all the Aries-Uranian tension, the emphasis on Capricorn makes results slow and Scorpio plays rather close to the chest, unless completely cornered. I’m seeing time as an element here, it feels as though it’s speeding by, while the developments move SSSLOOOOW.

The Moon scoots to Cancer, for a Grand Trine in water by the weekend.

The Trine is Neptune/Chiron in Pisces, Venus/Saturn in Scorpio, and the Moon at home in Cancer.
It looks lovely actually.

maybe it could be like this:

Those Venus/Saturn and Mars/Pluto conjunctions are still operative.

Depth, people, DEPTH.

Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Gemini, keeps the fun quotient possible. If nothing else please yourself for a few days. Connect with those you care about. Cancer is all about feelings, and as a remedy to the current astrology I suggest pleasure.



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