November 29, 2012 Redux

Scorpio/Saturn vrs Sagittarius Sun, presided over by a retro Jupiter.

So aware of how hopeless everything is,
So aware of how ridiculous it is to feel hopeless.

Our luck is unlucky, and our unluckiness is our, wait what?!… what is it…?

You won’t know ’till later. When? Later.

Limits everywhere. The sky is the limit.

Make a choice define your goals blah blah blah…

Love YOU!!!


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4 Responses to November 29, 2012 Redux

  1. kashmiri says:

    I’m here for the love and music!!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hi Kashmiri! I’m happy you’re here! I’m here for you all! <3 For Astrology +Love + Music. Every thing I see and think gets converted in to astrology.

    I wish someone would make a cartoon of that: Someone walking around seeing everything and having it convert into astrological symbols in a bubble above their heads! Wouldn't that be great?!

    Or even like a conversation between two people that way. Coolness! I'm not a cartoonist, but I so want to see that!

  3. kashmiri says:

    Maybe I will try it…thanks for the idea!! 🙂

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