November 27, 2014


A little space to breathe,

The Moon in Aquarius suggests we can come together with enough distance between us to enjoy the process.

S P A C E,

Not that it’s simple,

but, air opens us up, and with space comes understanding.
Pleasure is available too, a well supported Venus in Sagittarius suggests it’s alright if you stray off the beaten path, if this year there is a surprise, or a detour, or a last min change, that kind of thing can bring people together as much as anything…

Saturn keeping a casually controlling hand on Mars,
that’s just as well.
We need it for the balance.

If you in the U.S.A are gathered with friends and family,
I hope you have a beautiful time.

Love YOU!!!



a force field around planet earth?
What do you think?!

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