November 27, 2012

Venus Saturn and Mars Pluto
Saturn and Mars in Mutual Reception
Neptune in Pisces getting in on the action.

It’s a bit of a trippy day as we feel the speed of Mercury, buzzing through us and Mars/Pluto Venus/Saturn asking that promises be made and kept.
Neptune makes a mystery of even the most simple words or acts.
Everything is a sign. A symbol. Of what? Of what, now?

The eclipse will wash over us, and sweep us up in what is unavoidable,
the answer to the riddle of the present, which is always the present.

I woke up with this song in my head:

Could it be more Saturn/Neptune,
what with the ocean and the responsibility, mercy, martyrs and the blues ?

-From the depths I called you, ma
for your breath and breast so warm and fabled
Your hands reached inside
grabbed my heart, enlarged, disabled

Hailed for your mercy
An ear that cares

How the blues sound from up there?

With my wet hair, I wipe the blood off of your feet
Carry me through these shark infested waters
Well you spared me from slaughter for sure,
but these sharks are equally in need of a martyr

Oh kindness shared
Undeserved purest gift, this life you spared

How the blues sound from up there?-

The full Lyrics are Here

How are you going to commit?

To others, to ourselves
Our relationship to ourselves is a constant.
We have selves. What a thought!
The depth and contradiction of a human birthright

How are you true to yourself?
Not in the way of being unbroken or constant,

In the way of having an active relationship with who you are.
Your commitment to yourself as a life long project, a life’s work that you never give up…

Look and listen: I heard it yesterday, (So Pisces!)
the nature of communication is not in the words.

How are you going to share yourself today, and with whom?

How are you going to commit?

If you died today, who would you be looking for in the afterlife?

Love YOU!!!


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