November 26, 2013


2013/2014 Stamped into our lives like few others.
It’s making a mark, and the mark changes you.

G’head and argue it’s not so… but I won’t believe.

The need that pours out of the “I don’t need you anyway. Go home.”

Lucius! What a great band!

~She’s looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Turn it around turn it around.~

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio.
Separating now. Jupiter approves.

~What did you say?
What did you not say?~

What kind of conversation?
Serious, that’s what.

About the future, what’s left of your life, and the best use for it.
Nothing lasts forever.
What will you do with your time?

About money and what is owed.

Family values and beliefs.
Commitment now.
Sober, even as Sagittarius begins to bounce above the smoke,
We can see more clearly.
Hope and Believe.

Fact is, even though it’s not done yet, we did it!
We came this far.
and this far is actually FAR.

Put a big X on your calender and give yourself a prize.
For realzies.

The future exists!
The present is full of legit possibilities.
They each carry weight don’t they?
Yet some of them spring up, wild as a flower,
wild as fire with clean dry wood and air.

Quite a wind that’s blowing in now,
and we are like boasts heavily loaded. Set sail?

Not yet, the crew is still being assembled…

Love YOU!!!


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