November 26, 2012

Happy Monday Everybody!

The Moon is in Taurus, and a GIANT Scorpio line up still dominates the vibe.
Mercury, Venus, Saturn, North Node, all Scorpio no filler

Depth is what we are after. Depth of connection. Less is more.
Real Love or no Love. Giving 100%

With the Sun in Sagittarius, we get our “CAN DO” motivation on.
Motivated to live by our principals,
to move on from our mistakes,
to fire our arrows into the future.

Let’s make a move, show our hand, GET ON WITH IT!

… even so, the Scorp. vibe dominates.
There is plenty of that “watch and learn”

I like the combo. Motivated and ALL SERIOUS BIZ.

Mercury is turning around this evening, and we should begin to clear up our Mercury stuffs.
Communication, Travel plans, Connections, Computer biz, all this starts to straighten up.
We have had enough time to think it over. This week we move ahead.

that’s the Scorpio version, and here is the Sagittarius:



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