November 26, 2012 Sagittarius To Do List!


Sky dive


Meet a Guru

Be a Guru

Have a girl/guy in every port

Stand around making jokes in the kitchen

Bungee Jump

Eat the last piece of pie and get crumbs everywhere

Take a trip to visit your long lost cousin, call him, after your plane lands, from the bus on the way to his place. Tell him you will be there in 5… with your amazing new friend who was on the plane AND the bus! Coincidence? Or FATE!!

Change your jogging route

Leave a needy relationship

Take a course on comparative religion

Naked Yoga

Go on a ski adventure/wilderness training hike

Make friends with whoever is standing next to you in line

Tell a looooong story about when you were in the Himalayas,
and what someone absolutely has to know if they go there!

Go to the beach and build a fire

Have sex outside

Publish a book

Go to a music festival

Leave the country

Give a speech

Tell the WHOLE truth

Buy a large package of trinkets and distribute at random to friends and acquaintances

Go back to college


Learn jungle survival

Take up belly dancing

Book your surf training camp vacation

Meet a friend of a friend of a friend, and just magically ‘click’

Set out on your great adventure

Join a church

Do a magic show

Accessorize with a groovy scarf

Practice your motorcycle tricks

Blurt the wrong thing

Fight for justice

Slip down the stairs and land on your feet

Win the Lottery!

Happy Sag. Season!

Love YOU!!!



you know this about Sag, right?


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