November 25, 2014


Newly direct Chiron in Pisces squares Sagittarius Venus
& sextiles our Capricorn Moon/Pluto.

Last year I had this to say about Chiron:

~ Can you hold more than one truth in your heart at the same time?

…To heal pain, it has to be all right to have pain.

To accept not an end, tied with a bow, a package that you throw away,
instead a living awareness, something active, that keeps you honest,
even a scar describes something too closed… ~

Uranus in War squares the Moon/Pluto in Authority,
Chiron ensures there is an opportunity for ~growth~
but the mood carries as much finality as dynamism.


Mercury conjuncts Saturn in I’ll never forgive you.

That same Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Saturn could describe fear for your life.

Counting the North Node,
and we should count it,
We’ve got ourselves a Cardinal T-Square with the outlet in Crab.
How do you want it?


Cancer is the sign of family, of birth
of giving birth to yourself, as much as giving life to anyone else.
Endings are found in Crab as well, lineage.
The idea of having ~a people.~

What kind of Justice (Sagittarius)
are we seeing in response to the collective (Pisces) pain (Chiron) ?
and with Chiron, you know it’s ongoing…
not a simple fix

# Ferguson

A News release from the National Bar Association
is well worth reading.

The Ethics of Money and Power,
The Value of PAIN.
The Consequences of your Beliefs.

Personal responsibility for our words and actions.
Take a look at This Letter from Military Veterans to the National Guard

look too at Darren Wilson’s testimony
Not easy to read.

While that plays individually one person at a time.
This moment also plays politically, en masse.


Take care of your beating heart,
& be aware of the hearts around you.

Each person alive,
including you (!) each difficult individual, (uranus in Aries)

living as we do, amidst the complexity and symbolic value placed on each of our existence,
given the way we look and talk, according to how we dress and walk…
We all began in the same way, as a mother’s new born baby once upon a time.

and right from the beginning, a contract surrounds us, the way we are seen, and mirror back, the various worlds and circumstance we are born into…
not just our sense of our people, our family (cancer) but our collective imagination of who we are to be, (pisces/neptune) a contract we accept, reject or negotiate with…

So, with history (Capricorn) piled up as perspective,
and with our best hope for seeing the humanity (Chiron) in ourselves and in those around us,
we arrive at today.

Love YOU!!!!


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