November 25, 2013


That ointment looks pretty good. Except for the fly…
…got to be one of the least graceful words in English.

Johnny Cash’s Mama’s House
up there for real, and as imagined by Scorpion Emily Wells

A balm for your soul ? Not really.
But the worm has turned, and the corner?
We are turning that too.
No going back now.

What about that horror show you have to look at everyday ?
That gaping wound, as yet unresolved.
Is this a hold up, or a check point?

It’s both.

Virgo Moon and Mars keeps you busy.
Mutable T-Square with Neptune and the Sagittarius Sun.
Liars and the lies who tell them? I mean no, the other way.

Could be. Don’t get all twisted up.
There is a clear way out of this one, and you have more leverage than you think.

Use you brainz!
Make the connections

Talk it through, SHHHH! in confidence.
Cautiously optimistic.

The marriage of logic, work and fantasy?
(yes 3 is poligamy!)

When they have a baby it looks like this:

wait, did he just say ~Mechanize Reason, and Automate the Passions?!~
I’ll be thinking about that all day!

read more HERE

Jupiter trines our Mercury Saturn conjunction.
and Venus opposes Jupiter.
It’s not a crime to feel good.
You are allowed.

Love YOU!!!



remember we were talking about Willie Nelson’s Moon in the Cardinal Crossfire?
Thank goodness there were no fatalities. That’s Jupiter in Crab looking out.

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2 Responses to November 25, 2013

  1. Charlotte says:

    Mercury in Scorpio is like a story told only in Czech with no translator. Or is that just me? Sometimes I think I get it then everything gets blurry again. For now all I can surmise is the answer isn’t in the words. Its in the mist behind the words. Its in the shadows around the corners where no one is looking. Because words are so easy to say and not mean. Mars ruled Scorpio wants action and he wants you to prove you mean it. Not that you’re good at saying fancy words.

    An all or nothing lip-sync for your life moment is so not the relaxing spa trip Jupiter on my sun was seeking. Such is life.

    Love and light to you throughout this season!

    • o_lightning says:

      You got that right Charlotte! Scorpio reads the energy beyond the words. And with Saturn involved the words may be few, though Mars in Virgo, can make conversations picky and pedantic. Is it too silly to say ~who feels it knows it~ ? lolz Sending love your way! xox

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