November 24- 25th, 2014

Capricorn Moon,
and by tomorrow, Moon/Pluto
Mercury closing in on Saturn.
Chiron Direct

Think about time.
The limiting specifics determining the possibilities.

Sagittarius Venus trine Uranus,
is there a good surprise?

Some freedom, one way or another?


Sun square Neptune, and no chance to keep your eye on the ball.
Instead, just stay afloat…

~In Essence, My Lifeblood

In a quaint dive, clammy with years
of cooking oil coagulated
under squeaky barstools,

I clawed at
dozens of ethereal thoughts

Much in the same way that I scrapped
linty change from my pockets
to pay for this stiff cup of coffee.

“Is this exact?”

I sure hope so.~

– Spencer Perez

Love YOU!!!


*Check out the AMAZING David Hale!
David drew the picture up top and is a seriously accomplished tattoo artist as well!

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