November 22, 2013


Crab Moon today, until we hit LEO.
What a lot of work it is to be cared for.

The wear and tear of being loved and hated and snubbed, and adored.

Has the cavalry shown up yet?

Maybe not.
I can hear the hoof beats, but nary a g*ddamn horse in sight.
Neptune blurs our Archer and Mars is a picky little monster.


Oh the Drama!
Leo Moon hasn’t even arrived, and I’ve had enough.

The song was overplayed, but the message?

With Chiron showing the world your ass is a given,
and even if you didn’t, they may surely think you did.


Remember the thing about how you don’t have to play it perfect?
You just love you up, and keep on keeping on.

Leo Moon over the weekend. Could be fun, could be fraught.
Go out and play if you are so inclined!

Next week though:
Wheels/Winds/Agents, the SuperStars of Change…

Be kind to yourself,
those are everybody’s shoes you are walking in.

Love YOU!!!


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