November 21, 2016, A Matter of Perspective


A matter of perspective, of getting the periscope adjusted, widening, or narrowing your focus, attempting to put down the prism, to choose panorama, or micro-vision* and to use your energy refractor only as needed?

Can we, should we do that?

The overwhelming isolation of survival is a Pluto in Capricorn theme. Let’s pit it against the international cooperation, or divide and conquer that Saturn in Sag. suggests.There are two sides to every planetary manifestation, and destruction of the old, tends to come before the creation of the new. Corporatocracy is a Pluto in Capricorn theme.The death of the father figure is a Pluto in Capricorn theme. Abuse of power is a Pluto in Capricorn theme. And as we all know with transits of Pluto, whatever Pluto encounters will be taken to the extreme.







Saturn Square Neptune has worked it’s magic thoroughly, we are bereft, empty of illusion, full of solidarity, and somehow still standing on dissolving ground. What bonds do we share with those who are different than us? What legalities present themselves? What alliances of Cause, or Faith? No one could accuse Saturn in Sagittarius of sleeping on content. We are up to our eyeballs in it, and as the transit is not over, we may yet have something to learn.

My landlord is having our porch rebuilt. As I live on the second floor, and it was completely eaten by termites, the whole thing has been torn off, leaving me with large sun dappled doors that open into absolutely nothing. If you walk through them, it’s a long way down.

As it turns out, termites have eaten well into the house itself, which I guess I knew. There are, there have been, patches of flaky and weak floor here and there, a few crumbling window ledges. But on some level, I was imagining the hungry little hearts of termites could go on eating for a time that was not yet expired, I imagined there was life to be lived, before the sand slipped through the hourglass, and we fell through our neighbors ceiling. So I thought.

larger-2 **

Noisy now, because demolition is noisy, and the work moves fast. How quickly they are rending and cutting the structure of our home. The workers stop to take a break, realizing that the scope of the project is suddenly massive. How far? How deep in? There is a growing pile of refuse.

Today I’m beginning to wonder if they will tear up the floor under our feet. They might. They actually might have to, to get at the rot, which is really more like dust in the shape of a building. It’s a shadow. An imaginary structure, decayed long ago unnoticed. And then, should we need to live somewhere else? Is the scope of the repair too vast for us to continue on? In all truthfulness perhaps it was time to think about moving anyway. And we have thought about it, many times, waiting for just the right opportunity, so we could be on to something we imagined would be better. As the floor crumbles beneath our feet, not symbolically, not suggestive of of a few underlying threads to examine later at our leisure, has someday arrived?


What new directions will present themselves as necessities?
Mercury conjunct Saturn is about to tell us.

In the telling, expect hold-ups, delays, stop it right there, and the answer is no.
If you get a solid ~yes~ it’s because you put the work in.
Count it as your own.


Annnnnd today, it’s the first day of the Sun in Sagittarius !
Happy Birthday to all the Sag. Suns! Thank God for you!
We need your optimism, your luck!
Your belief in the future.

As the Virgo Moon squares Saturn today, we try to keep a lid on, and make like the song from the dinosaur age, where we do not want what we have not got.

Our New Moon in Sagittarius doesn’t arrive until the 29th, but I think it’s safe to say a new perspective is born in us, and it begins to ferment
We are brewing. Wine? Wisdom? Revolt?

What’s next?
Mercury in Sagittarius at 13 degrees heading towards Saturn at 16.
We are about to come to a conclusion. Full Stop.

Venus approaches Pluto and reminds us of how very short the number of our days can be. That’s a seduction in and of itself, but we will see it play out, not only in temptation, the reminder or resurfacing of old defunct relationships, and/or bad behavior, but ALSO in VALUES. Put your money where your mouth is. ‘Till death do us part.

By Wednesday our view of what’s possible becomes the road to what is likely.
Do you have a dotted line for me to sign on?


Love YOU!!!


*can we alternate?!

** Kehinde Wiley! I just can’t get enough!


Might we refuse the rabbit hole if we are offered one?
Is there something in the story of the basilisk, of medusa? if you stare too long, you will be paralyzed, could you shield yourself with a mirror that reflects monster back onto the monster?


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