November 21, 2013


Is it safe to come out yet?

The Sun will hit Sagittarius before the day is done.
…not a moment too soon!

That old gypsy and Taurus Sun/Venus Willie Nelson pulls off some Django Reinhardt,
no question he makes it his own.

Django was a Sun/Mercury Aquarian, he invented his own style!
He had Mars in Taurus though, and Willie has Saturn in Aqua,
and between them that Mars/Venus exchange.
Fixed signs, those two!

Both musicians have Cancer Moons at 9 degrees. For True!
(I hope Willie is alright, with pluto opposing his moon and uranus square!)
Django’s Moon conjuncts Neptune, Willie’s Moon sextiles Neptune. <3 I read an a lovely article about Willie's GUITAR
How like a Taurus to love an object so deeply it takes on a life of it’s own.

Just a little something for your heart,
to strengthen it, as we move out of Scorpio.
Pretty soon… a whole lot of letting go!

Could there be a better title for an album that you release in your 80th year,
than ~Face the Music and Dance~?

Happens to be one of my all time favorite songs.
it’s the finale of a beautiful old fred and ginger
Listen to Willie talk about FREEDOM in the clip,
and you will hear his Saturn in Aquarius talking.

Does it matter where your Saturn is, for how you work it?

You know what else is talking?
His Mercury/ Uranus in Aries.
Willie’s Mercury is at 14 degrees, transiting Uranus in Aries
will be conjunct his Merc by the end of April 2014.

What comes next in the sky for us, is the Sun in Sag. Square Neptune.

Where have we misplaced those ideals?
Or are we overcome with them?

Moon in Leo this weekend! Get out of your house!
It’s the free-flying quality of Sagittarius that makes my heart thump!
I’m kind of a specialist, there are always always Sagittarians in my life.
Thank Goodness!

Today we say goodbye to the Scorpio Sun.
An unflinching look at our mortality always places emphasis where it belongs.

Have a beautiful day Kittens!!!

Love YOU!!!


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