November 21, 2012

The Sun moves to Sagittarius, the Moon is in Pisces,
and Venus slinks over to Scorpio.

Follow your passions. Trust your gut, Believe in your truth,
All those cliches are true today.
With Mars in Cap the dedication is there.

can you kick it? YES YOU CAN.


I mean

or errr…

There is unfinished biz in the air,
Thursday night/Friday potentially goes KAPOW!

If not for real, in the privacy of your mind.
Anyone you hold strong feelings about.
Anyone with whom you are not done.

A fresh start with an old flame?
Whatever kisses we get are dark and deep.
People from the past may show up for you, or you may go find them.

The mood is bright but there is a dark undertow.
If that works for you, work it.

We are, I think, trying to heal a heartache and once more playing for keeps.

oh, and


Within a week you’ll be back on your game.

Your chart ruler, Jupiter is still going backward and holding your luck hostage,
while your friends and enemies get the goodies,
Mercury retro trips you up; you may have to extract your hoof from your mouth more than usual.
Yet now, you can breathe a little easier,
your essential energy is appreciated, and people do
(at least a little) lighten the f*ck up.

I’m going to give you a proper B. Day post when the energy clears a bit.

Love YOU!!!!

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