November 20-21, 2014 Scorpio Moon


Scorpio Moon is good for looking into dark corners,
It’s quiet time in the Dark of the Moon.

The Moon trines Neptune & Chiron as she goes.
Scorpio Mercury sextiles Capricorn Mars.
A perfect day to find out ~why~

Venus squares Neptune, there is a cushion, a bevel for the edges,
and a way to keep breathing while you go ahead and look.

Let your eyes adjust.

There is a chill in the air, that makes silhouettes that much cleaner.
It feels simple to do what must be done, though you know in the end it won’t be.

Debts and payments come in every form imaginable.

Look and listen,
to yourself most of all.
What kind of discourse can you develop with the the subtle unsettling shapes that appear?

What do you know about yourself that it might be easier not to know?
That’s your strength right there.
Anything you know, you can use.

Don’t let anyone separate you from it. Give it time to unfold.
There is meaning in the layers, like a rich vein of gold.


Approach yourself with interest, as though a stranger.

Is there a way in which you are the strongest person you know?

The New Moon is coming on Saturday the 22nd of November,
and with it we journey out. Our worlds will become wider, we take flight, to learn what only experience teaches. To learn it by doing it… experience first hand.

It’s happening!
But first we have to squeeze by Saturn,
to know the shape of the box you have been in, before you set it alight.
Would you like to climb out of a hole?
Look around now for the handholds.

Memorize this place so you never have to see it again?

Or begin describing it in a new way.
It’s where you have been.

Something has died, and it’s time to take out the trash.
Can you forgive yourself for all you have been through?
For not getting it right the first time?

I think you can.
You were made to grow, just as a flower does, and you are not done yet.

Love YOU!!!


*Enrico Caruso: Sun Moon and Mercury in Pisces trine Mars In Scorpio!
Born 18th into a family of 21 children.
His mother was said to have lost 17 children before his birth.

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