November 20, 2013


Pisces Neptune & Chrion trine the Crab Moon.
Mercury and the North Node in Scorpio complete the circuit:
Grand Water Trine Time!

Watching this I cried like a baby.

How we are all connected, how the light of a miracle,
of the kind of magic that humans make, opens us up so plainly with delight.
The looks on the faces of the crowd = Water Magic.

There is still some of this left over:

But we are moving away from wounds into acceptance.
Take peaceful action where you can.

Virgo Mars sextiles retro Jupiter today.

How well are you getting the details to line up with your long term goals and plans?
How does it mesh with your family?

The balance of Power
The balance of $

Are there conversations yet to finish?

Does sex figure in your calculations?
What is intimacy worth?

Wait, what is intimacy, really?
What types of intimacy do you desire?

~thanks again for filling out the Venus/Pluto North Node/Mercury
Capricorn/Scorpio questionnaire~

Mark the 25-27th of November on your calendar.

Mercury catches up to Saturn on the 25th.
By the 27th, it’s a done deal.
Venus and Jupiter give Mercury the go-ahead,
the Virgo Moon conjuncts Mars.

annnnnnnd GO.

Love YOU!!!


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