November 19, 2013


I think we care right now and that’s the problem.
Wanna fight about it?

I do.


Could we just melt like a sugar cube left in the rain?
Could we kick the sh*t out of whatever is closest?

Is that the same feeling?

Well no. Sort of?

What is the purpose of the pain we are being asked to enter?

It has to do with not abandoning yourself.
To accept and honor yourself without pretense.
To remain deeply, idiosyncratically you.

Chiron asks for nothing less than your whole self,
not bleached or fragmented.
And yet, not unrefined: it’s a process.
Your individual spark.
What did Joyce say?
~…to forge in the smithy of my soul…~
What was Joyce forging?
~…the uncreated conscience of my race.~

We don’t have to take it that far, lolz
~You Do You.~

Acceptance & Alchemy.
What change are you working, to turn lead to gold?

If Chiron shows up for you today,
read THIS, THIS, and THIS too.
All three posts about Chiron on different levels…

Gemini Moon, mostly void of course,
so we can see from far away…

Love YOU!!!


change IS just around the corner…

~The time allotted to you is so short that if you lose one second you have already lost your whole life, for it is no longer, it is always just as long as the time you lose. So if you have started out on a walk, continue it whatever happens; you can only gain, you run no risk, in the end you may fall over a precipice perhaps, but had you turned back after the first steps and run downstairs you would have fallen at once – and not perhaps, but for certain. So if you find nothing in the corridors open the doors, and if you find nothing behind these doors there are more floors, and if you find nothing up there, don’t worry, just leap up another flight of stairs. As long as you don’t stop climbing, the stairs won’t end, under your climbing feet they will go on growing upwards. – Franz Kafka ~

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2 Responses to November 19, 2013

  1. Sibyl K. says:

    I read em all. Gorgeously illuminatingly written. Thanks AGAIN!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Sibyl K.,

    Thank you! And thanks for writing. what a sweet thing to say! <3

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