November 18, 2013 & ~Chiron Direct~


Could you be spying on yourself?
Are you maybe both men in that picture?

As much as the super-go-it’s-all-really-happening vibe washes over us,
Chiron makes it feel like a wave of detritus.
Invisible junk from the past?
Fighting non-linear battles with people who aren’t even there?
battles that you maybe abandon half way, because there is no point…
or there IS but No. There isn’t.
I mean

Even as you press on.
Doing what needs to be done

Staring at your mid-progress life,
staring at it as if it could stare back and answer
questions that you can’t even stand to ask…
You know the answers you know you know you know.

Chiron always delivers some form of paralysis,
standing at imaginary pearly gates, and having to watch your life
before you make it in. Cringe fest!
Is this necessary?

It’s so specific.
Will it slow you down ?
It will. Should it stop you? No way.

Chiron stations direct on Wednesday November 20th.
Crab Moon then, to make make a Grand Water Trine:
Moon/Chiron/Mercury/North Node.

Crab Moon will help everything:
It’s not the avoidy people who are most effective,
it’s the dealing-ist.


Today We have Chiron square the Gemini Moon,
Sextile Venus/Pluto, and trine Mercury North Node.

There is something here for us, if we can manage to accept it.

Monday/Tuesday Gemini Moon keeps us talking, and distracted,
It doubles the double vision aspect.
Pisces + Gemini = O! My ! Goodness!
What? What does it equal?!?!
You can have fun with it. We know this much.
There is fantasy, there are possibilities.

Are we divided?
I’ll take it anyway, at least there is air…

Are we the Rhino in the Just So Stories?

~…it spoiled his temper, but it didn’t make the least difference to the cake-crumbs. They were inside his skin and they tickled. So he went home, very angry indeed and horribly scratchy; and from that day to this every rhinoceros has great folds in his skin and a very bad temper, all on account of the cake-crumbs inside. ~

(by Friday we have the Sun in Sagittarius!! )YES

Love YOU!!!


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