Mars in Capricorn, 2012 Proof or Trust. Can we have both?

Mars in Capricorn.

Straight Forward, All Business.
Mars in Capricorn wants RESULTS
and Mars in Cap. will have them.
No failure, no defeat. Why?
Because no Surrender.
Set-backs, yes. Surrender, not today, or umm ever.
Blind faith? No way. Pragmatism at it’s finest.
Change tactics? If that is most expedient, yes.
Rather have the tried and true though.
Not adverse to taking the long road.
What we are after here, is lasting success.

Mars in Capricorn can be a loner
Can build an empire out of a lucky two dollar bill that grandma gave him.
Can be the last man standing
Knows about sex as control.

Committed Determined Capricorn. The one who finishes things.

Determined to be first, willing to be last, concerned most of all,
with overcoming the fear of actual participation.
You have to be willing to fail in order to try.

Capricorn wants a plan. There must be a way to climb that mountain,
step by m*therF*cking step.

I’m a huge Rilke fan and I hear these lines in my head all the time:

– Yes, I am beginning. It’s still going badly. But I intend to make the most of my time.-

I have Jupiter in Cap, Determination makes me happy.

Committed action comes up, there must be a way to accomplish these goals.
It’s a funny vibe right now, because in some ways it feels,
in the wake of the Eclipse, like what comes next has the ring of inevitability:
the die has already been cast, we are waiting for the shoe to drop,
(insert your inevitability metaphor here.)

Not so sez Neptune in Pisces.
Howevz with with the rest of the sky so skeptical,
we will believe it when we see it.

The landscape feels a bit spare already,

What kind of hope is possible, right here right now?
I think the kind with proof somewhere in the mix.
Proof or Trust, can we have both?
We are all being asked to prove it, and proof is what everyone wants to see.

Over the weekend, The Moon Moves to Capricorn,
The Sun and Merc. in Scorpio hit the North Node.
Increased perception? Destiny calling?

Been on a Garnet Mimms kick lately, how did he ever slip away from us?

I just went to look up Garnet Mimms Birth Astro,
and my word, HE WAS BORN TODAY!
NOVEMBER 16, 1933 and yes, he is still alive!!!

He has the Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Scorpio, Venus in Capricorn,
Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra.

Serious Scorpio determination, Jupiter in Libra for the love songs.
I tried to find out about his personal life, but as befitting a Super Scorpio,
he keeps it way private.

He works as a minister in prisons, tres cool I think, and very Scorp.

Still making music, his most recent album, Is Anybody Out There? was 2007.
He had a huge soul career, collaborated with Jimi Hendrix,
and dropped a couple of notable Funk jams in the 70’s.

Happy Birthday Garnet!

Here is one Led Zep used to cover, and a total personal fav

Can you find the Scorp. Cap. and Libra in this number!?

I thought so!

Love YOU!!!


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