November 14, 2014


Leo Moon/Jupiter this morning.
Can you get a little of your bounce back?

Virgo Moon over the weekend… Neptune’s wave sliding ahead.

Venus into Sagittarius, Sun/Saturn, and Neptune Direct.
Truth or Consequences anyone? lol!
How about delusions and results?

Sunday Mars ruled Mercury in Scorpio makes a nice trine to Chiron,
while Chiron opposes the Moon & Exalted Capricorn Mars trines it!

Patch it up and play better?
Get it done because now you know how.

Go forward with confidence?

It’s a chance to stretch out, open up.
Take responsibility, move on.
Happiness and Sadness can be found in equal measure
if you know what you are looking for… aim for what you want!


It’s going to be quite a relief to Air and Fire signs to have
Venus in Sag. after all those Scorpio Kisses of Death!


Look in your chart at Sagittarius for signs of an adventure that will please you!
Where could you find something or someone new?

Love YOU!!!



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2 Responses to November 14, 2014

  1. connelly567 says:

    I have Venus , 8 degrees sag in the first house, Natal. The something new would make me happy, the someone new? I don’t have the energy.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey connelly567,

    Thanks for writing! I hear you. All that Scorpio in the 12th is exhausting! I hope Venus @ 7 degrees for the New Moon, brings you something delightful! xox

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