November 14, 2012

So that was the Eclipse,
it will continue to play out, whether your day was pleasant or wretched
I somehow have the feeling that the experience was wholesome.


Conducive to moral or general well-being; salutary; beneficial.

The Moon Moves to Sagittarius, Mercury has retrograded back to Scorpio, and
(thank goodness for peeps trying to accomplish their biz) Mars will be EXALTED in Capricorn by the weekend. I love how in astrology planets can be exalted. It means they function with excellence.
Capricorn is a determined and vigilant planner who does not give up until results are achieved.
As good old Liz Lemon would say:

Let’s go to that place where we have the stamina to accomplish our goals.

What sign do you suppose she is ? Liz Lemon? Not Tina Fey, Tina is a Taurus Sun with Saturn and Mercury Conjunct in Taurus… could that be her trade mark pauses and “jumps” to obvious conclusions? Levity provided by Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra. Leo Rising. I sort of think Tina is working with her shadow, and giving Liz a combination of Aries and Aquarius traits, although she put her Taurus love of food thing right out there… and Jack plays a Capricorn/ Scorpio combo, for me he totally steals the show…

full disclosure, I haven’t watched in a couple years, but that’s how I remember it.

Today feels a little aftermathy…

Take it easy, be kind to yourself.

Chiron is stationing Direct in Pisces.
Those old wounds and what we do to heal them…

Love YOU!!


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