November 13, 2012

Scorpio Solar Eclipse Neptune in Pisces Style!

Serious, Surreal

I dunno ’bout you, but I like the energy. I feel oddly safe and optimistic.
I have sifted through so much, and let go of nearly everything,
so I know where I stand.

Right here! I’m over here, wanna stand next to me?
Life is plenty somber but I feel like making jokes.

It’s not a crime to be happy in wartime is it?
Or is it?

It’s always wartime somewhere.
A little black and white bird, a chickadee, just flew up to my window and tapped just as I said that!
OOOOOOoooooooo! I feel like snow white!

This week, NOW TODAY, the more clarity the better.
Streamline your intentions while remaining open to whatever comes.
We are aiming for that Zen middle ground: absolute open focus.
The place where acceptance marries dedication, and gives birth to little babies:
Devotion, and Transcendence

… mmmm’kay?

and/or you could be like me and take care of your bills and biz and dance around to raunchy music:

SILLY! Cracks me up!

Pay attention to what happens today and this week in general.
Line up your heart and head: Honesty is KEY:

All systems GO.

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to November 13, 2012

  1. Charlotte says:

    This post is so perfect!! I find Third-Eye Blind songs are very fitting for today. There’s beauty in the madness and serenity in the chaos that was this entire year.

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