November 12, 2013


Pisces Moon.
Mercury trine a vibrating Neptune.

or undulating for Neptune?
He waves his trident and we throb like coral.

I was going to play THIS ALBUM
but what good would it do to start the day in tears?

That’s the paradox, I love it so much, and it’s so sad I never let myself listen.
When is an alright time to be sad?
To lose weeks,
are there weeks to lose?

not this time.

Records play me like a toy piano.
try this:

~Remember that the solidity of the world is an illusion created by the speed at which atoms oscillate. If they slowed down just a little, you’d be able to walk through walls…
… In effect, physical reality is both opaque and ethereal – just a collective feeling.
It’s only by habit that you consider yourself solid. In a sense, you are a collection of particles, transmuted from being in the solid-particle state of physical existence to the more ethereal wave-state.In the wave-state, you are an amorphous oscillation, existing at no particular place in space or time, with no particular human definition. That wave state contains your consciousness and can be driven by your force of will. Through it, you have an immense potential to exert yourself on the etheric reality. The wave can move, so you move. It’s everywhere, so you can be everywhere.
– Stuart Wilde~

* These pictures. <3

Beyond problems and solutions,
are solutions;
generative created by your life, like efflorescence, the way a plant grows, the way your body grows.

Love YOU!!!


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