November 12, 2012

To be ready.
Ready for what?
What’s the best way?

To open like a flower?

To Feel Free?

What kind of free?

If you are open will the eclipse fall on you like an avalanche?

How do you make room?

How spacious does your heart get?

How much room can you give yourself?

What does it mean to keep your head?

Results of the past 6 months show up this week.

The past, what is it?

It brought you here. You brought you here.

Here you are.

Come Alive.

Alive and Free

what are things some other people say?
So much to read over at
whiskey river:

Well, whatever . . . make yourself comfortable; you’re here forever.
If that frightens you, consider:
You’ve always been here.
– James Lane Prior

I looked anxiously around me: the present, nothing but the present.
Light and solid pieces of furniture, encrusted in their present, a table, a bed,
a wardrobe with a mirror and me. The true nature of the present revealed itself:
it was that which exists, and all that was not present did not exist. The past did not exist. Not at all, neither in things nor even in my thoughts. True,
I had realized a long time before that my past had escaped me.
But until then I had believed that it had simply gone out of my range.
– Sartre

So here now amidst whatever else is here, let’s do this:

Once when the new students were all coming in one by one for their interview at the beginning of the practice period, Zhaozhou asked each
one, “Have you been here before?”
And one would say, “Yes.”
Zhaozhou would say, “Oh, good, have a cup of tea.”
The next one would come and Zhaozhou would say, “Have you been here before?”
“No, no, I have never been here before, this is my first visit.”
“Oh, have a cup of tea.”
This went on, yes, have a cup of tea, no, have a cup of tea.
The prior of the monastery was watching all this and getting very upset. He said, “Somebody comes in and says no I haven’t been here before
and you say go have a cup of tea and somebody else comes and says yes I have been here before and you tell him go have a cup of tea. What
is the meaning of this?”
And Zhaozhou said, “Prior?”
And he said, “Yes?”
Zhaozhou said, “Have a cup of tea.

Love YOU!


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