November 1, 2016




dwindling light?

~ I wrote this book for the ghosts, who, because they’re outside of time, are the only ones with time.

After the last rereading (just now), I realize that time isn’t the only thing that matters, time isn’t the only source of terror. Pleasure can be terrifying too, and so can courage.
– Roberto Bola├▒o ~

Sagittarius Moon today.


Are we running out of time to make our dreams come true?
The spirit of November is one who hopes against the odds, (by November 9th Mars will be in rebel Aquarius.) and makes his own luck with his acceptance of accident, haphazard, his generosity the dream that does not admit defeat, his last words “I’m not dying.”

We try now to peel the edge of the surface and look beneath.
A can of worms?
A simple step?
or a stone lifted, to reveal nothing, not even a lonesome millipede.

Any of that is possible.


The Venus/Saturn conjunction slowed our luck, or perhaps lost it altogether, a judgment was made regarding stability
and lack, of funds, of capacity. Let’s feel for the cavity within the tooth.

Better for you if there were none, if there are none, and if you win now, it’s deliberate, victory sober as a Sunday service. If you lost, it’s a measure, material not spiritual, though there may be ethics involved.

As for temptation…. our metaphoric ‘Saturday night’ arrives much latter in the month when Neptune on the South Node awakens. It’s slippery, it will hold you back with false┬ánecessity and creeping tendrils…. you can look, but don’t touch it!

More to come….

Love YOU!!!



Books in the trees

Giant kites for the dead

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