North Node in Virgo/New Moon in Scorpio 2015


The North Node moves from Libra to Virgo.
Forget compromise, how can we serve?
Which tiny routines will alter our lives forever?
From now until mid-May 2017, there is punishment for lax behavior.
You wonder if it matters?
It does.

Don’t let it slide.

Mutable Signs are not known either for patience or consistency.
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

When seasons change.



With Jupiter in Virgo,

it’s the small things that open doors now.
A concrete nod to perspective.

An angel in the details.
An angle you work.

The two combine:
Our North Node syncs up with a retrograde Jupiter & won’t let go,

From January 9th to February 4th, 2016,
mid-degree planets in Capricorn are supported.
All Earth and Water find results by rethinking the small print.
Prepare the way.

Mid-June brings another North Node/Jupiter rendezvous, this time with Jupiter Direct.
That’s when the door opens,
A crack that blooms to something beautifully seismic,
supported by Pluto, Power, Destiny.

Correct your health, your correspondence. Your paperwork, your pets.

What ambitions do you have that fall under the house that Virgo Rules?
For you, what opportunities can stand up to scrutiny?
Lay the groundwork.

What will flower under diligent care, to approach near perfection?
As a Queen serves her subjects,
how well will you serve?


We are in Scorpio Season now.
Die to live again

Won’t it be nice to get out of this Dark Moon?

The Sun and the Moon come together at 19 Scorpio on Wednesday

Our Luminaries sextile Jupiter in Virgo at 18 degrees,
& inconjunct Uranus in Aries, who in turn inconjuncts Jupiter.

Mercury stands by to deliver the unvarnished (read:gross) information.
Sex, Death, Disease, and Politics, Family, Friends, or Otherwise.

It’s a Yod.

How to handle the disconnect?
The unexpected?


to contrast with genuine intimacy, true care.

Chiron trines the Sun Moon conjunction.
Open it up, scrub it out, let it go,
and it comes back as depth, strength of character.

There seems to be a window of some kind, the opening is obvious,
you will have to work behind the scenes.

Venus and Mars sandwich the North Node,
& Saturn sextiles the lovers conjunction

You may want to make a commitment.
There is something in it for you.

With Neptune inconjunct Venus/Mars/NN
It’s possible to make your commitment with fingers crossed or one eye shut.

A prayer or a wish to carry you forward,
that you make with partial information.
Something seen in a particular light.
Phosphorescence once a year.
Is this place magic?

The things you consider in a weakened state are not really the things you consider.
Who stands with you to be your strength?


Place your energy within you.
See the best in those you trust.


If you know better, don’t fool yourself.

Love YOU!!!!


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