Ninja Fu, Eclipse and Schoolin’

Two sides to every hmmm… what is it? thought? life? story?right Gems?

In Honor of the Eclipse and Uranus stationing Direct,
I’m posting links to two amazing places.

The first will show you what is happening in the sky, for true,
and the second is like opening a beautiful window and looking out
to see a serious Master teaching a Kung Fu training class. Ha!

Not what you thought I was going to say,
but just what we all need.

Lunar Eclipse

These are skillz for LIFE

Alright, if you have any love for ridic Fu this will give you 9mins and 11 seconds of happiness

I heart Stephen Chow, Writer, Director, Actor
He has Sun at Zero% Cancer, Mercury in today’s Hero GEMINI

What’s the name of your technique? Do you want to learn… I will teach you

Yeah!! does the heart good.

Special Shout to all the Gemini’s

I LOVE the way you think!!!

and to one Gem in particular… you know who you are…




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