New Moon

It’s Pisces. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron, Neptune

Where does Pisces fall in your chart,

What do you need to heal?

Set your intentions is what people say,

but this is Pisces so I say make your WISH.

I have to admit, it still feels like the dark of the moon to me,
So dark that I just blogged about it, and then had to so a rethink,
Is that just how deeply Pisces everything is right now?

We are ALL in the soup.

What a Neptune on that Band!
Do you suppose the combined chart of Parliament puts their Sun in Pisces
Or perhaps in Leo conjunct Neptune?

Breathe Deep and Keep Swimming



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One Response to New Moon

  1. M says:

    Hey good question, where DOES Pisces fall in my chart? (I know where my intentions lie… And wishes too.)

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