New Moon In Virgo, Venus square Mars/Saturn 2014



The End
The Beginning
…all around us!

Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio.
New Moon in Virgo

Great day to throw something away!
Or do I mean plant a seed?!

What does the harsh new world look like?
For every Gain, a Sacrifice, there is one in here somewhere with your name on it.

Play it straight.
Be True.

Careful, Thorough, Kind, & No Dummy: That’s you, this week.
We do not blindly rely on the kindness of strangers or loved ones.
Not at this time:
The potential to be otherwise is right there.

As my father used to say, “I may be STUPID, but I ain’t no dummy”

Bend it too far, and it will definitely break!
It may break anyway.

With a line up like this no one rests easy.
You are being moved on to the next stage.

What happens now has meaning.
It’s not a casual moment.
If you take it too serious you may freeze up: not helpful.

Stay awake, stay in the game.
Don’t Mess. Power will be used where it can be used.
Sex, Money, Boundaries,

If you pray at all, it’s a beautiful time for prayer.
Let God(s) handle it. They do have a way about them.
God(s) have been at it a long time.
Ask them to flow through you.

To make the invisible materialize, that’s Virgo’s job.
Virgo the Magician, from thought to real physical manifestation.
Plan on it.

Find Virgo in your chart, there is the place!
Find Scorpio too, that’s where the mark is made,
and Leo?
I could say it’s where you take the hit, but it’s a little more complex,
there are challenges, rewards too!
An opening, just not an easy one…It’s a beginning!


Karma catches up with us.
If we are destined to handle it, we will do that now.

Love YOU!!!


If you would like a consult,
to look for the the right tools to handle the job, or for any reason at all,
I’ll be around!

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2 Responses to New Moon In Virgo, Venus square Mars/Saturn 2014

  1. connelly567 says:

    My boss resigned unexpectedly and the staff is heartbroken. Virgo in my 10th, of course, but Scorpio in the 12th, not thrilled about that nor the hit to the Leo 9th. Maybe this is a beginning but it sure feels scary.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey connelly567,
      It sounds like a beginning and an opening to me. I’m sorry it is feeling scary. I always try to remind myself that scary gives me a chance to be brave. You are the hero in your story! xo

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