New Moon in Virgo 2013, take 2

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New Moon huh?

How new is it?

-Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.-
Robert Brault

This includes from yourself btw!

you know,
if it’s between you and you, go ahead and say sorry.

It’s not a simple story, plain as it seems…
it do go on…

Oh yes it do.
With the same people or without, the triggers are in place,
The next 4 months are vivid, harsh and AWESOME,
in the old fashioned sense of the word.

This is not to say you have to keep the role you have taken on,
or been given.

If nothing else, we are FREE FREE FREE.

It only means this is the territory,
maps are being drawn, and we don’t slither out in to a new landscape so easily,
even if we move!

We negotiate, love, work, connect, and care for people as they are,
not as we wish them to be, this includes ourselves.

The way to change the dynamic, is to change the HOW, of your participation,
and to understand the WHY

Change IS Possible: within,
and without

Acceptance is Alchemy.

a little goes a long way, but you do want to keep your head clear,
especially you Neptunian Starlets,
Actions determine outcomes, above and beyond a sea of words.

Keep your awareness wide open, & plot your course in the simplest fashion.

Love YOU!!!!


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2 Responses to New Moon in Virgo 2013, take 2

  1. Astrocat says:

    great quote .. it’s going on my facebook today! .. plus .. it adds a nice twist to the lack of huge changes everyone seems to be experiencing without me .. which may be fine .. still on the edge of my seat for this exciting 4 months you have been hinting at for ages now .. wooooooooo

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Astrocat,
      Nice to hear from you. If things are working for you, count your blessings! Exciting is often bitter, as well as sweet. xo

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