New Moon in Taurus May 6, 2016


Every month we come to the end of a cycle and we recommit to ourselves and our lives.

Each month it’s a different focus, one of the 12 aspects we look to, to interpret our lives.
For this New Moon let’s get rich and have some sort of physical experience!

Taurus is what you have, substance & sustenance.

You do you.

* backyard bill!

Yesterday = fast and a short fuse!
Aries Moon + Uranus square Pluto for the win.
I hope you accomplished something monumental, or at least slew a minor dragon.
I would hate for all that heat to go to waste.
I nearly lost my temper!
Still a little warm today, but trying to keep it on ice.



Is it hectic? Yes it is! All the retrogrades, keep us tied to tedious exhaustive circumstances.
The New Moon in Taurus won’t change that, but as the key to opening our Grand Trine in Earth, it’s a tremendous value all the same.

Still dark until Friday, but then we begin.

Thank goodness there is a fresh start to be found, for the old ways and the old world are all worn out.

You do get to keep it. The value of Earth is eternal.

A visceral sense in the house of your chart that your New Moon in Taurus illuminates.
A beginning. Heartfelt, hopeful, and with strings attached.
Big ones. A rope to pull you where you need to go.

Use the natural abstraction that is inherent in the physical.
There is no perfect symmetry only an imprecise exact compliment.


~ Our bodies are wild. The involuntary quick turn of the head at a shout, the vertigo at looking off a precipice, the heart-in-the-throat in a moment of danger, the catch of the breath, the quiet moments relaxing, staring, reflecting — all universal responses of this mammal body… The body does not require the intercession of some conscious intellect to make it breathe, to keep the heart beating. It is to a great extent self-regulating, it is a life of its own. The world is our consciousness, and it surrounds us. There are more things in the mind, in the imagination, than ‘you’ can keep track of — thoughts, memories, images, angers, delights, rise unbidden. The depths of the mind, the unconscious, are our inner wilderness areas, and that is where a bobcat is right now. I do not mean personal bobcats in personal psyches, but the bobcat that roams from dream to dream. The conscious agenda-planning ego occupies a very tiny territory, a little cubicle somewhere near the gate, keeping track of some of what goes in and out, and the rest takes care of itself. The body is, so to speak, in the mind. They are both wild.
-Gary Snyder ~


Love YOU!!!


Stay with me Sweethearts!
Look to the paypal on the top left for a way to keep O! Lighting alive.



Physical PLEASURE is the name of the game. Get you some!

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