New Moon in Gemini 2014

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Once again, the past is gone!
What are you going to start today?

Or, equally accurate, what is ending and you give it the boot?

To take on old biz all fresh…
like getting new contacts or prescription glasses so that what we see now emerges as though previously unseen.
It’s the same old world, but new corners will be turned.

The chapter book is open, a little blank space left on the page…
What will you write?

Endings are beginnings,

those slippery conversations that complete a thought or give birth to the new.

Where do you place your energy now?
No end of details!
Hazy confusion, or relax right into it?

Pick up the threads that have been set down and begin to weave them together…
there must be something here…

Set in motion.
Write the letter, make the call.
Let’s sign our contracts now, while we can, before Mercury turns back on June 6th.

Mixed review on this, but well worth a look:

Neptune plays a song, and we all can listen, maybe…

the contrast between dreams and deadlines showing up a bit here and there…
a cup of coffee might come in handy…

Open yourself to what’s possible, to potentialities,
even with some impatience as the day slips away…

Love YOU!!!


perfect day to read

*pic by the Sartorialist!

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2 Responses to New Moon in Gemini 2014

  1. Tam says:

    This will sound crazy but it is a relief for the Moon to be out of Gemini even though I have a Gemini Sun/Mercury & Virgo Moon. It was terrible. I felt an almost instant relief when it moved into Cancer.

    Maybe it’s the Neptune square transit….

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam,
    Thanks for writing!!! I can relate! To be honest, I am not really enjoying the New Moon in Gemini, everything is melting! So very blurry, there may be opportunities, in fact I think there are opportunities… but the loss and entanglements are what shows up most plainly for me. The Neptune Square is STRONG! xoxo

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