New Moon in Crab


New Moon in Crab:
It’s personal.

Cancer is the place where we begin and end. Lineage.
Home. Who you are in the dark by yourself.

We define ourselves and by extension our families:
This is who we have been, this is who we will become,
and importantly, this is who is included.
Hard shell, soft insides.

Sally Lightfoot Crab (Grapsus grapsus)

All the information is not in yet.
We will see our scenarios firm up July 1st and 2nd with Mercury Direct.

We begin now, anyway. Say yes to what you want.
Let yourself, no holding back for who or what you are supposed to be.
This is not about how it looks, but how it feels.
~Feelings are needs under the Cancer Moon.~
Align yourself.

It’s been a slow circuitous waterway we have been navigating.
Click Here to Look Back
Damns to explode, Bridges burnt or passed under, the interminable Aqueducts,
Tariffs (so many!) the loops of negotiation, mistake and misunderstanding, thick congested river traffic.

ENDLESS and here we are, near to the end.

Theendbeginning. That’s Crab.
The implication with Pisces Neptune and Gemini Merc, retro,
is that we are wrapping up old biz.
and not a moment too soon.

Look to your chart at 5 and 7 degrees, Cardinal, Mutable, some fixed,
nearly (everybody has an impact except Leo/Aquarius,* and even they can feel the fade out),
The balance has permanently shifted.


A new sense of family a new sense of home.
Those words are so loaded.
A new sense of home, after all, could mean you are homeless!

Is there a Miracle here?
There is, of a kind.
Crab Jupiter offers what it can, an opening, some kind of safety, a way out.

If you need to ask, ask now.

Love YOU!!!


*They’ll get their own soon enough, as the second half of July is a whirlwind, and explosion, a forest fire and a Party!

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