New Moon in Crab, July 15, 2015

water This picture is a single drop of sea water magnified

Listen UP! Things are about to get weird, or possibly weirder.
The Moon moves toward Cancer for our Double Crab encounter:

A New Moon on the 15th of July.



A Uranus/Pluto jolt strikes with the New Moon in Crab on the 15th.
It may be here already.

Shock brings Awareness


That’s quite a beginning!!!

Tipping point?
Rock + hard place?



Alright alright.
Best to know a tipping point when you see one.


Look out!

Here come the flying emotional/emotionally driven ultimatums
as Mercury conjuncts Mars and is opposed by Pluto, while Uranus squares the Sun/Moon conjunction.


This past week, and even now with the Moon in Gemini,
Holy What?!

Mercury Trouble Much?!!!


The Slow Down, the Hold Up, the Internet Delay or Lack of service,
the Security Breaches.

The Car, Bus, Bicycle, and Plane Sudden Trauma?

The narrow escapes, the confusion, the delayed response,
unclear outcomes, the mix ups, the duplicitous motives, the misrepresentation.
What exactly are we preparing for?!

All that plus a Venus/Saturn smackdown!
There are Limits, Hard Edges, and Fear.

We have been there. We are here.

Neptune still blurring perception and causing evasive communiques.
It’s a trine, could these dynamics be for the best?
…they could…

… when I say they could,
I mean in the big picture ultimate way.
Don’t things sometimes have to fall apart before they come together?

Don’t go down the powerless road.



Venus/Jupiter in Leo has given you a sweet spot amidst the turmoil…

Along with all the messy trouble,
there is perhaps a (seeming) resolution,

~ the new alliances,
the tentative possibly of promising bonds. ~

Somewhere, there has been an affirmation, a yes has found you,
along with a rededication to goals

simple tho? No.


A (possible, potential) limit is now being set.
A timeline about to be enforced.

Letting go, moving on, mid-flux progress.

All with real world commitments and financial repercussions.
The cost?
Generally speaking, quite high.

The value?
as yet somewhat undetermined…
but possibly high as well.

Venus/Saturn measures,
We do have slow, real, unadorned rewards for playing fair & shooting straight. Consolidated Gains in the making, based on conduct.

It’s a long range outcome, and the risk/benefit analysis is skewed by the double dose of random about to make itself known.

As Mr Brown has written,

Trouble spot: what if you don’t know what you want?

Keep angling, keep fishing, taking all steps in all directions

Venus now at 29 Leo, where we would like her to deliver the love and money before leaving.
She has others ideas…

Venus soon to be stalled
at 0 degrees Virgo about to retrograde on July 25.

A Sun/Moon/Saturn/Chiron Grand Water Trine :
The high road is the place to be.

Authenticity + doing your homework is going to keep you in the right place at the right time, whether it looks like it or not.

Jupiter still in aspect to Uranus, these endings are doors.

Tap into your life force.

Not only is there a way out, there is a way ahead.

Messy, but that’s what we know of birth, to begin with, it’s a mess!

Love YOU!!!!


These peeps say:
Earth-Like Planets Could be Present in Every Planetary System


~Let everything happen to you:
beauty and terror.
Just keep going. No feeling is final.
– Rainer Maria Rilke via Saturn Rising~

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4 Responses to New Moon in Crab, July 15, 2015

  1. Sabina says:

    NM smack on n Jup/Ura cjn and Jup smack on n Pluto – whoohoo baybay! I got n Ven/Sat so I’m kinda wise to that ol’ gal….

    Pix from Pluto sposed to be arriving back here on Terra Mater within mins of NM via Mars/Merc opp natch. How cool is that?!

    • Colleen says:

      Very cool!! 🙂

      Still trying to figure out my Venus/Saturn. 😛

      • o_lightning says:

        Hey Colleen,

        Thanks! Venus/Saturn is a great topic. So much there! I’m happy to do a consult on that if you ever want to delve. 🙂
        Real Love, Lack of Love, having to prove your worth. Making something of Value out of nothing… xoxox

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sabina,
      I LOVE the Pluto pix! Jupiter/Uranus/North Node + Jupiter/Pluto sounds like magic inventive destiny if you can skip the power struggle, and use the power, lol. I haz the Venus/Saturn too, that’s a deep mine with some real gold in it. <3

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