New Moon in Aries April 11, 2012 Simple ‘Scopes and a Podcast


You have the Power. Isn’t that nice to hear? I’ll say it again. YOU HAVE THE POWER. You have the power in this situation, and what you can do here, in the immortal words of Lyn Collins is “Use what you got, to get what you want.” there is a catch, and she does point it out. You’d better THINK


This really isn’t your favorite type of weather. God, the multiverse, even your previous good deeds and kind acts, they are all looking out for you. You’ll see how before too long. Let yourself have that ethereal embrace. What’s hidden will be brought to light before April is over.


Don’t hold your breath, let it come to you. You may be very busy, and a gift is yours to receive. Accept it. Getting your way is not the burden it might seem.


Unsteady doesn’t mean disabled, and don’t you let it mean dysfunctional! Return yourself to yourself. You are needed, so gather yourself in. If you are a home to yourself, you can be a light in the sky.


Is it GO TIME? Well is it??! Is it time for far flung beginnings? Go ahead and realize everything you know. That will help. You need your intuition for this one too. It’s not a matter of logic, instead, it’s one of ethics and action.


The vaults are practically bursting at the seams. Such riches!! That’s a lot of intimate action for one little Virgo. Value what you have been given. Open up. Accept and respect the depth.


My my my my my… you do seem to be outgunned. The offer is not one of violence but rather a truce if you can accept it. Look at what begins under this sky. It’s not something you have seen before.


You certainly look busy!! So busy! Between the new work/new home deep renovation of your work life balance, and all the tasks that come to mind, it seems what you might need is some mind/body connection. Sex if possible, if not whatever comes closest. Don’t spend money you don’t have.


Could it be party time?! I mean… could we work that in? Is art possible? Play time? Pleasure? It’s a reboot. Don’t pretend it’s not. Use every bit of the joy you find. You are not bad, and you do deserve it. Clarity is overrated.


You are world building, and it’s been a minute since we could say anything like that. It’s not only the old tear down company tricks and consequences…. Use what comes to you now, to build a world. Make it. A new home, a better mousetrap. Overthinking and detailed analysis is not allowed.


Have you just had a genius idea?? Or a new understanding? A new way with your siblings or surroundings? You don’t have to know if you WILL use it yet, or HOW you will use it. Ok come on you are going to use it somehow. This is pretty great.


Let’s breathe life into your harmony. Let’s send cash to your bank. Let’s have everyone recognize just how good you really are. Let’s have that everyone include you. You don’t have to do anything yet. You can just HAVE this. and then if you DO have to do something, stay flexible… keep listening.

Love YOU!!!


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