New Moon in Aquarius, January 27, 2017




The New Moon in Aquarius is harsh.
Defined as much by what you don’t have, as by what you do have.

Aquarius is the Water Bearer. He carries consciousness. A shock that wakes you up.
Illumination by subtraction.

Ruled by Saturn and Uranus.
The rules
An unfettered vision to see what is possible, a clarity of mind

An independent spirit,
People bound together by a cause

Seeking a better way,
Or going off alone.

Maybe both. Absolutely Both.
And have you ever tried to change an Aquarian’s mind?!

They will do that themselves, thank you very much.
Or it won’t be done.


How popular and competitive the phrase ‘woke’ has become.
We say we are thirsty for knowledge.

A good way to work the Aquarius energy would be a clean break, but Chiron has other ideas.

Venus conjunct Chiron squares Saturn
Your dress is ugly, and it has a stain, and it’s exactly like the one you always wanted as a child, only now look at it, look at what you’ve done to the ugly dress you always wanted, why did you even want it? A dress like that?
~hahahahaha~ I mean!


Some people may be around to help you with this.
and that may or may not even be the best feeling

Whatever limits you encounter, suck it up.
Not only a brave face, but actually, let it go.
Be like a rock when it rains.


If you can’t manage that, love yourself anyway.

I plan to be moving house, and I always cry when I move.

See what there is, look around.
It’s a beginning, and there is nothing to be gained by closing your eyes.


~ Genesis
Oh, I said, this is going to be.
And it was.
Oh, I said, this will never happen.
But it did.
And a purple fog descended upon the land.
The roots of trees curled up.
The world was divided into two countries.
Every photograph taken in the first was of people.
Every photograph taken in the second showed none.
All of the girl children were named And.
All of the boy children named Then.
– Mary Ruefle ~


Acceptance, and even excitement, it’s a beginning!
Use what you see. Move ahead, that’s where you are going.

~ Non-aggression doesn’t mean that you’re not supposed to get angry; it doesn’t mean that you’re not supposed to set boundaries; it doesn’t mean that you’re not supposed to be sharp; it doesn’t mean that you don’t have neurotic upheavals and meltdowns. What it does mean is that we have to keep letting go – until we are naked with ourselves, and we are making room for the person we actually are. And it’s the exact same process with other people. We have to let go, let go, let go . . . Until we see and we are seen.
– Reggie Ray ~

Love YOU!!!!


Poetry via Whiskey River!



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