New Moon February 18, 2015


Here is the power we were promised.

We have suffered for it
finally ready

Now it’s ours.
What will we do with this beginning?

Open wide!
You can’t swallow it all.
what spills out, spills over, colors your life with unbelievable mystery.

Pisces puts a potion in the water, Aries plants a seed by the riverbank…
What springs to life has a force.


inevitable surprise?

New Moon’s are always marriage,
The Sun marries the Moon

This time I see it more than ever.

Saturn in Sagittarius insures that you get what you pay for.
Or you live what you believe.

Watch the next couple of days, it’s not ordinary.
Not even the tiniest bit ordinary.

Venus and Mars kiss now.
They Kiss everyday.
Our girl is already pregnant.
By Saturday/Sunday Venus has a baby,
Mars is handing out cigars:


Our New Moon is 29.59 Aquarius.
Does that make it Pisces?

I had been thinking Aquarius, but there is so much Pisces in the sky:
Venus/Mars Chiron/Neptune, moments later, the Sun and Moon,

It feeeels like Pisces, only weirder! LOLZ


Here is what we know:
Strangely, some of these impossible dreams will last.

There is a healthy serving of destiny in these proceedings.
The beginning of the end, for some people.
Or the end of the end,
isn’t that, in a way, a true, true, long awaited beginning?

Jupiter Big Ups Uranus square Pluto:
If you are not making a change now, you should be.


A seed went in to the ground Jack and the Beanstalk style.
What will you do with a golden goose?

Oh there is treasure alright, giants to kill…
yes, really

Where does the Aries point fall in your chart?

~Is it resurrection if it has never before existed?~

Find out.

Love YOU!!!!!



Sorry I was gone so long!
…combination of Mardi Gras Vortex,
and tech difficulty…

I’m back I’m back I’m back!!!!


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8 Responses to New Moon February 18, 2015

  1. Tam says:

    The Aries Point is in my 11th house, the current transits are hitting an event chart from 11 years ago big time. I would just as soon not have any corpse show up from that! ha ha ha

    Even though I’m not taking a direct hit I’ll be glad when the Uranus/Pluto square passes next month. Not to jinx myself but Saturn is Sadge has been way better than Saturn in Scorpio.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam, 🙂

      Thanks for writing!
      Hopefully if there is any resonance from 11 years ago it will be as progress, rather than a person. I hear you on the Uranus/Pluto square, as much as I appreciate the rapid progress, it will come as SUCH a relief to live to see the backside of UsquareP. I do COMPLETELY think Saturn in Sag. is better! Across the board, for everyone! Saturn in Scorpio is so very stark. With Sagittarius you have to put your money where you mouth is, but that is a worthy price for progress. xoxo

  2. Jill Frink says:

    My Venus is 29 Aquarius, Pisces Sun at 10 degrees, and Mercury 27 Pisces… quick, I need a frog to kiss. They’re all frozen deep down in the mud here in Vermont!
    Say hey to NOLA for me!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Jill,

      :::waves::: Time to begin something NEW, whatever it is! Venus can be money or even art, with Venus and Mars so close to your Mercury, maybe you will hatch a new project… could be fun! xox

  3. Colleen says:

    Yay, you’re back!! :):) *throws you beads*

    And, wow!! What a lot to process. New moon is trining my prog. moon @ 0 deg Cancer. We’ll see. 🙂

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Colleen,

      ::: Catches Beads!::
      0 degrees Crab is so very creative! I’m curious to see what develops from all this potent energy! Even with Saturn putting the brakes on, it’s absolutely a moment of accelerated growth. 🙂 xoxx

  4. freyabarne says:

    I’ve been looking at this with hindsight and I remember reading it while the maelstrom was happening. I couldn’t have known what happened would happen, but It could be said I survived. I think I’m a totally different being. But people still see the same body.
    The content of my words is completely different. But they don’tneed to tell me they hear This was on my vertex in the 6th. Stunning. Thank you

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey freyabarne,
      Sorry I’m so slow to comment. I’m glad the post was helpful to you, you are so welcome! Sounds like big interior changes! Sending love. <3

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