New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio October 23, 2014


Give something away?
Is that the best way to receive?

New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on the 23rd.
Over our heads, aware of the cost and no turning back…
Yet it’s hopeful.

A beginning.
Who doesn’t want a change?

~That’s right, everyone wants a change.~

The old way has taken us this far, but we can’t stop here,
we put some blood into it,
and that most precious vial of scorpionic fluid: hope.

It hurts for Scorpio to hope, it’s almost as if there was a limited supply.
~that’s what you get with capricorn in the 3rd. A fear, or should we say knowledge based pragmatism.~

No matter. There is hope involved here.
Venus in her darkest and most irresistible guise brings forth her small store of atomic … passion… potency… surrender?


A biological imperative is released.
A sudden temperature change.
What kind of new arrangements are born now in love and money?

A few days pass before the concrete dries,
Mercury turns direct on the 25th of October, &
hits the North Node with direct motion on the 30th.
By then you know.


Our New Moon trines Neptune, Our Jupiter ruled Mars approves.
Go for the new.

The past is dust, & the wind is blowing, you’ll never find these scraps again.

Instead, a ferocious biology.
More than a bend in the river, it’s a seed in the ground.

Fresh blood, fresh life.

The stump of a tree sends out a shoot,
Life inside makes a push to be recognized, to be reordered, reborn.

A New Moon is always an opening
Say yes to what you want, what you actually want,
even if what you want is to let go.

We breathe in and out.
Our life suspends us on our breath, from first to last.
Open to what is calling you, what thrills your heart and pulls you by the hand.
You will always be moving in two directions, held between,
and irreparably, also only in one.

Since this is your life, live now.

Breath in, & inevitably out.
Trust in your ability to renew, to make promises worth keeping,
to make your way through the wild world.

Love YOU!!!




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  1. Christina says:

    The Satan is Happy with your Progress sign is one of my favorite black and white images ever. lol so happy to see it here!

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