New Moon Conjunct Pluto 2011

New Moon Conjuct Pluto in Capricorn

The new Moon is when you set your intentions, and if you know where Capricorn falls in your chart you can set them for your goals in that area.

For everyone, a Capricorn Moon is rather serious and tradition loving.

If you are celebrating tonight, the vibe is not super flirty and light, but rather,
deep, powerful and sincere.

It can be a time of strengthening your commitments.
To work with the energy, go deep, be true to your values,
and operate from a place of strength, where you can be generous to others.

Plant the seeds you want to grow in the New Year.

When I grow up… baby, that’s right now!

You know what Karin says
“… I put my soul in what I do… You got cucumbers on your eyes…
Too much time spent on nothing, waiting for a moment to arise…”

Arise. What a great word.

Happy Christmas Eve.

Don’t forget, Jupiter is going Direct overnight !

I won’t post, but I’ll be thinking of you!!!


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