Never Going Back, Uranus Square Pluto

So what are we really talking about with all this brave new world shiz?
Astrologically, it’s Pluto in Capricorn Square Uranus in Aries.

Yes you are never going back. None of us are.
That’s it! Look around…..

The death of the old structure,
(social and biz) and the birth of something completely new,
something fierce and perhaps not fully thought out.

That’s Athena, coming fully formed out of the head of our man Zeus.
We know she’s not just a bad ass, she is also very wise.

If people could envision all that will play out from the steps they take,
would anything ever happen?
Think of all the inventors and explorers, the innovators,
who just had to take that next step…

In some way, over the next few years every one of us becomes those adventurous innovators, that, or you’re trampled by a herd of elephants!

This astro is not kind to those stuck in the past!

This does NOT mean that all daring risks are rewarded.
On the contrary!!!!

Try to just go off, hoping it will all fall into place
and get your ass handed to you. For true.

It means that competition is back! And it is fierce!

After all these years of cultural apathy,
I think it is going to be one of the surprises we face.
Yes, you must actually be the best of the best to win.

How hard are you working?

What do you really want?

There are many many other factors to take into consideration,
but the basic thought remains, the next 3-5 years are going to be WILD!

It’s a fact.

To find your place in it, to sort it out,
To see how to work with the energy flowing, (or slamming!!!) into your life,
and look at how changes will specifically affect you, your love life,
your work, your health, your family, your creative process, your goals,
your $ and all the rest of it…
if you want to talk give me shout!



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4 Responses to Never Going Back, Uranus Square Pluto

  1. M says:

    Yeah, it’s coming, birth of somethin’ fierce… and yeah, that energy is slamming.
    Thanks for the Rilke yesterday too. Extra hearts.
    I think I need a reading for the New Year.
    Gonna let the next couple weeks flow past like water, then lets talk!

  2. Alexis Hurley says:

    YOWZA ok ok ok the best yep the best, how do I do that? Try?

    • o_lightning says:

      Yup, Best of the BEST. I think it involves dedication to what you are doing, with your whole self, no holding back, no thinking of how others will perceive it. Bringing you true self to the task. Then once you’ve got that, train a keen unsentimental eye, toward what you have accomplished thus far, and act accordingly. No foolin’ yourself or anyone else. No need to. The best of the BEST. Love you!

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