Pisces Moon Weekend

Chiron and Neptune already up there for Pisces to tangle with,
dissolve into and otherwise engage/disengage…. that’s a Pisces joke!
You knew that, right?
Those fishes swimming both ways…

The rest of the sky participates, and the fantasy can last until Monday…

endless longing, hurt and sadness,
dreamy encounters and creativity

healing = muy importante
to have healing, we have pain.

What’s floating around for you?

There is energy! It’s not a passive sky!
and Lunar Pisces is great for altruism

Altruism = Never Goes Out Of Style

What happens when your unconscious is your conscious?

Pisces Moons sometimes leave me in puddles on the floor…
The best is dreamy love or spiritual connection..
and the most common, music and movies…

Sometimes the Moon in Pisces makes me so sensitive, I get overwhelmed by plants talking to me…

(blushes..laughing) true story.

and with Neptune Opposing my Moon these days by transit, I am already a tripper!

I think the sitch calls for endless Heptones….

One of the things embedded in longing/Neptune/Pisces/12th House issues is a secret form of objectification,
the loved one becomes a symbol,
and the closeness you want to feel, a drug…


I’m saying in our passion to feel closeness,
the fact that others are real living breathing people,
who, you know, have totally other things going on can sometimes escape us!

We just want to be kissed and get that kissy feeling that only the love object can provide…

Other people get into the rejection.
Being misunderstood in love certainly gives
us a lot to talk about….
……and takes up all the time we would otherwise spend,

you know, taking care of biz…

and um.. LIVING.

and yet, as one who has Neptune in aspect to personal planets,
Love is magic.
Neptune can take us to a very open intimate space with our loved ones,
a space where all boundaries dissolve, at least for a time….

Pisces and Neptune magic..
Why that’s the very stuff of life…

Have a Beautiful Weekend!



you can’t go Heptones without this cut!

so nice!


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  1. Django Hulphers says:

    Wow, there’s alot here. riiiight onnnn

  2. o_lightning says:

    Thanks Django!

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