Neptune Retrograde 2014


At 7 degrees, Neptune in Pisces turns back.

~There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, “Morning, boys. How’s the water?” And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then one of them looks over at the other and says, “What the hell is water?”~
– David Foster Wallace


it’s wet, and it vibrates, should I just stop there?
That makes our retrograde sound like more fun than it is.
Lines are sharply drawn, but difficult to interpret.
It’s not that we can’t see what is happening, but how will it develop?
What does it mean?

It’s not unusual, this blurriness, ordinary, so ordinary,
what is extraordinary now is the leaps we make with eyes closed,
heavy-lidded. Hoping for the best,
Not a small change, a big one.
It’s too hard to see directly, let me close my eyes, lean to the side.

Hamlet noticed them in the shapes of clouds,
but I saw them in the furniture of childhood,
creatures trapped under surfaces of wood,

one submerged in a polished sideboard,
one frowning from a chair-back,
another howling from my mother’s silent bureau,
locked in the grain of maple, frozen in oak.

I would see these presences, too,
in a swirling pattern of wallpaper
or in the various greens of a porcelain lamp,
each looking so melancholy, so damned,
some peering out at me as if they knew
all the secrets of a secretive boy.

Many times I would be daydreaming
on the carpet and one would appear next to me,
the oversize nose, the hollow look.

So you will understand my reaction
this morning at the beach
when you opened your hand to show me
a stone you had picked up from the shoreline.

“Do you see the face?” you asked
as the cold surf circled our bare ankles.
“There’s the eye and the line of the mouth,
like it’s grimacing, like it’s in pain.”

“Well, maybe that’s because it has a fissure
running down the length of its forehead
not to mention a kind of twisted beak,” I said,

taking the thing from you and flinging it out
over the sparkle of blue waves
so it could live out its freakish existence
on the dark bottom of the sea

and stop bothering innocent beachgoers like us,
stop ruining everyone’s summer.
– Billy Collins~

Our God of Dreams and Confusion will be direct again on November 16th,
at 4 degrees Pisces.

Venus will have just past Saturn then, and the Scorpio Sun will conjunct it.

We set the scene now, values to to live by, not the abstract ones,
~ How much will you give me?~
~ How much is it worth?~

complications and interchange
~What does it mean to be a prostitute?~
don’t tell me you are not one.
What do you exchange, and what does it buy?

Saturn in Scorpio Questions.

Meanwhile Neptune allows answers to proliferate.
The ways are various, and the connections?

Real or only faking, is there a difference?

Neptune rules everything that is true and false at the same time.
The Faith that you have after your faith is gone.
A movie, a dream, the feeling of being drunk.
You know who it will be just a moment before they call you.
A connection unexplained, & the purpose?
To connect, not to anyone individual,
but to bliss, in a sense to the divine.
We lose the world and gain our soul?
A present from a benevolent God, the gift? To feel that feeling.

does it last?
It does, it can, but never unwavering,
Neptune is a watery God

it might be fleeting, what lasts?

does anything?

or Even

and YET!

A strong connection to Neptune lets you know which inkling to follow
if you are a listener, and follow premonitions..
still it helps to have Saturn to spare


Love YOU!!!


Quote and Poem from Whiskey River, the place to be.

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4 Responses to Neptune Retrograde 2014

  1. Lee says:

    It does help to have Saturn to spare. In fact, the fog is so dense I can’t see a thing, so taking astrologer Michael Lutin’s advice: “Bottom line: Remain true to your long term goal and be not distracted. Otherwise—- M E N T A L.” I am sticking to my serious fundamentals, both in terms of goals, and in terms of method.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Lee,

    Thanks for writing! Sorry I’m slow to get back to you! Michael is a solid standby for advice! <3 What you wrote about fog makes me think of driving, when you can't see so you follow the lines in the center of the road. No telling what may leap out of the fog, but keeping true to where you are headed is exactly correct! It's all about where we are going now. The past is preamble. xoxox

  3. Charlotte says:

    I fear I am losing my mind in all of this neptune. I’ve been fighting it for days or weeks, and this week I feel the hiiiiigh. Its hard to remember reality when you’re drunk, particularly if you haven’t had a drink to blame it on.

    Right now my only saving grace is knowing what happened during my last bout with neptune rx. Too much reality. I learned how deeply I could be in denial. For some reason I’m forgetting how bad it was. I miss a monster! Sure I can blame that on a number of things but it doesn’t make it go away. I want to live more than I feel curious and its the only thing keeping me grounded but I also ready today would be a great day to fall in love. Sun conjunct my venus, opposite my neptune. That could be fun for a while…until it isn’t. Only now I think its only fun to dream about him. When I catch a glimpse of him I wake up and flee. So why do I dream of him at all?

    Thank God saturn is trining my sun because frivolity just doesn’t feel that good anymore. Its nice to feel good for no reason but I’d rather feel good about something concrete. It takes forever to build something that lasts but I guess that’s the point.

    So how does one use neptune responsibly? Lol so many questions, idk if anyone can answer. This post helps because it means its just a transit I have to wade through.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Charlotte,

      Thanks for writing!Neptune is a slippery fish, to trust yourself, and not delude yourself, to have the fun and survive it. To have the fun that is actually fun… tricky tricky. Saturn trining your Sun is brilliant for this. You may get the best of both worlds. Turn your energy in a new direction, fresh creativity, no looking backward allowed. July is allllll about where we are going. Where we have been evaporates in the hot Sun of Jupiter in Leo, and our eventual Fire trine, Jupiter in EGO, Saturn in Sag, and Uranus in Aries, it’s going to be HUUUUGE! Building new structures next year? You bet! xoxo

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