Neptune Direct on the South Node, November is a Busy Month

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In which we find our protagonist having slipped sideways into a dimension that had long been percolating. And here, when the brew was ready to drink, it was both strong and bitter, and no amount of sugar could mediate the taste.

As Neptune stations direct on the South Node, November 17-19 at 9 degrees Pisces, many will make contact with their personal familiar weak link, and thank goodness for Venus in Capricorn, she trails her white glove over Neptune’s film projector, over the movie screen, and indeed over the habit of going to the pictures at all. Ahhh look… dirt.


My youngest daughter spoke to me yesterday, she was in a good mood, we had recently returned to our apartment after buying her shoes, AND boots, (I know!) blue knee high socks that fit her school requirement, and a warm winter hat with twice the usual pompoms, dark blue and woolly, with round, black, fluffy, ‘ears’.

She told me she had recently realized, that there was nothing really good or thrilling in life, as there was in fantasy books, where behind an ordinary door might be the strangest alternate dimension, where woodland paths and secret turnings often give way to fantastic, unpredictable worlds, always met with a heroes journey in mind. You may not be fully safe, but you will not be sorry. That’s adventure territory, where the rules of the game are unknowable, and you grow as you learn.

She told me she had perceived that we make up these places as cold comfort for the fact that our lives are spent regimented by the necessity of school or work, or even the rebellion against those necessities, neither a satisfying choice, neither a part of, or a party to, any real magic.

Thursday November 17th Neptune conjuncts the South Node, Saturday November 19th, Neptune is Direct, and within this time frame, stretching until the first of December, a flurry of meaningful sign posts and mile markers are set off. No more trail of bread crumbs, what you need to know is everywhere you look.

On November 23rd Mercury conjuncts Saturn, the following day on the 24th, Venus conjuncts Pluto, and makes a T-Square with the Moon and Jupiter in Libra, and Uranus in Aries. The outlet? Crab, our soft familial underbelly.

The Mercury/Saturn conjunction also sextiles Moon/Jupiter and squares Chiron in Pisces.
This suggest that it will be painful to make use of our new bottom line of information.
Painful and rewarding, as the direction of growth at this time requires sobriety, humility, and service.
North Node in Virgo trine Venus/Pluto represent!

Is someone from the past about to act as a catalyst? Could be, but just as likely a nudge or a bludgeoning from your subconscious, some possible painful circumstance or realization regarding long term family/career/monetary goals.



These results, which we have been immersed in lately, of Saturn square Neptune, and Saturn square Chiron, are a sneaking slippery disillusionment, which when the final shade is raised, (Ouch!The brightness!) turn out to be quite profound.

Are you going to get drunk and high this week and the next, text old flames, and make contact with outgrown behaviors? Have you already done it? Shake it off. If that is the worst of it, let’s count ourselves tipsy and lucky, and move on.

Far beyond the personal, there is a chaos agent at work in the proceedings. The undermining, the call to fantasy is nowhere near over, but it does step from the shadows into the light where we can watch and listen, a dream again? Or no, is it real this time?! Can you hear what you are hearing?

From Pisces to Virgo, depth work may be required.
Do you have a reservoir of compassion to draw from, a well of unfathomable depths?
Make contact with that part of you that exists beyond your physical borders, beyond your knowledge of what is possible and it will feed the actual service you are required to perform.

Between November 25th and December 1st, Mars takes a key position, trining Jupiter and emphasizing the bridge between planets in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. It’s not like Aries and Sag. need any help, so this added capacity for sudden action is extreme. Look for racial themes (Sagittarius) and violence (Aries), look also for a new dispassionate approach, and with Jupiter involved, an interest in ‘fairness’ which may be actual or used as a device.

A New Moon in Sagittarius, on November 29th would like to be a catalyst for an affirmation or abandonment of values, of law, of religion, of philosophy, or religion, and these, after all, can be helpful or harmful.

~ Even though he
was built to see
the world this
way, he was also
built to
disregard, to be
free of the way
he was built
to see the world.
– Leonard Cohen ~


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Love YOU!!!


* take a look at the work of the phenomenal painter Kehinde Wiley


Snoop is a Libra Sun, Lillith, Uranus and Pluto, with his Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio,
his Jupiter and Neptune are in Sagittarius, his Mars is in Aquarius, and Snoop’s Saturn is in Gemini.

p.p.s. I’ll have more on the New Moon in Sagittarius as we get closer!

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