More on Mars Retrograde in Scorpio, & Our Jupiter/ Saturn Square


Deep internalized anger at not being able to solve your problem.
Not being able to change the situation, the system you are in.

Intense frustration.
Mind bending anxiety & it’s all below the surface,
all while having to maintain a facade of ok- ness so you don’t lose everything
and plummet off the face of the earth.

These next 2 and a half months is the time when your situation changes.
Slowly, or seemingly slowly, which is a complete nightmare, you will emerge with a change of circumstance.

Does this mean that if you work hard enough and pray and be good you will get what you want?
NO. No it doesn’t.

Mars enters Scorpio now, so you have to pull the problem out by the root.
To complicate your potential successes, you may feel that there is a compromise of ethics necessary for survival,
and THIS makes you even more angry.

Perhaps the issues are not so much direct compromises as they are entanglements.

Mars retrogrades all the way back to 23 degrees Scorpio.
Retracing the steps Saturn took to bring you to this place.


It’s mid-July before we see exactly what we are looking for, but the time between now and then is not uneventful.
These tedious trivial details, have real weight and heft.

Your ultimate successes will be hard won & at the moment it’s not a clean break.
A whole lot of minor variables with MAJOR implications.
THNX Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius!

The Mutable Grand Cross keeps us running, shadowboxing, struggling to manage our lives amidst deep unknowns.
Saturn/Neptune amplified by Jupiter and Gemini Sun and the Mercury.
How to get a sense of perspective?
How to tell what it real?


Again, there are no guaranties under this astrology.

So this scenario represents a circumstance where if you work hard enough,
and pray (avail yourself to universal aide & intervention) and be good (get clear on what you are up to…)

You will understand what you can have, and what you can not, AND
you will be able to move on with your life in the area that Scorpio rules, which has been has been troubling you for so long.

~ Amen. ~

It’s possible that you are respositioning yourself after our Uranus square Pluto reshaped the structure of your life.
I’m looking at you peeps with Aries, Libra, Crab and Capricorn placements.

It’s not that you haven’t been doing it all along.

The structure is roughed in, but now we get to the part of building that destroys relationships,
how exactly to finish, to furnish?
What surfaces to use?

It’s time to make sure that you can stand the life you have built,
and not only, and not simply that,
It’s time to make sure you are building your life into a journey that taps into, that relates to, your deepest desires.



Even if you identify them, How can you be sure of the exact path?

Progress seems cyclical, infinitely slow, simultaneously forgettablely, almost discouragingly plebeian AND insurmountably momentous, it’s so heavy, the logistics are so bad, it means so much, luck seems to have evaporated, how do we get it off the ground?!

not kidding!

Each choice is weighty with complex ramifications that trigger unknown reactions that will take years to unravel, and meanwhile, no matter how you approach, nothing happens, or anyway, nothing happens fast.


I mean.

It may seem as though your efforts are pouring water down a drain,
the truth is something similar and yet altogether different.

You ARE pouring water down a drain, a VERY, VERY, long drain, into a pool which is the reservoir for your entire ecosystem.
~don’t poison your planet!~

feel me?

Take the time that you have now you rework any violence you have done to yourself.
Any destructive myths you have perpetuated,
you may find that you have a long list of goodbyes to make,
to actual humans, to ideas, to alliances, to imaginary necessities or outdated goals.

Keep track of reality.
There are results even if they can’t be immediately witnessed.

Be aware that mid-September we will have a sea change. Mars retrograde will be crucial prologue and Jupiter in Libra will restore the correct proportion to our dreams of the future. Natural alliances will then be made that further our aims.


Scorpio rules Surgeons and Psychologists,
and it’s now, that in understanding our anger,
we will begin to understand our will to live.

Life Force, and what we will do to keep it.

I’ve heard people say that anger is only sadness,
but isn’t the other just as true, that depression, despair, is anger turned in on itself, defeated by hopelessness?

No outlet.

Find an outlet now, because you need one.
From now until mid July
Unwrap, detangle, rebuild.

Love YOU!!!


It’s Mars in Scorpio time, and therefor time for a *potential* Fifth Force of Nature!



perfect poem for Gemini season!
via whiskey river

All of my favorite friends
Are the people who move
In and out
They derail

They derailed
The mind is not the rational
It is the irrational

It is the irrational
That is worth living for
You think that knowledge is ordered
But you are sadly wrong

Knowledge is the divine
Unordered thing-

– Dorothea Lasky ~


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