So this photo is so many kinds of right and wrong.
How we get nurtured and fed, how we get strength to survive
and under what circumstances.
That’s the Moon, feeding us however it does.

Do you know your Moon placement?

Can you give yourself what you need?

How do you go about getting it?

Honestly, why does the Moon always seem to catch sh*t on a Monday?

Is it just me, or does it seem like every Monday for the past year has been an emotional stomach ache ?

Moon is in Cancer today being irritated by Pluto and Saturn, and yes even Venus.
Is what you want different that what you need?

I suggest cleaning, beautifying, jotting down key insights.

No major Shopping though, and no haircuts, M’kay?

For today,
the life a worker bee with the soul of a Queen Bee,
the heart of some kind of practical angelic warrior.
Merc is still going backward Kittens, it aint over ’till it’s over!

Misunderstandings clear by Wednesday Thursday, of course some
of those doozies could last a lifetime….


Lee Fields! Damn!
Everybody has the option to skip it, you know, opt out, leave…
be long long long long gone

Keep that in mind, you have the option too!
Weigh carefully



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