Gemini Moon today,
she flies across from Saturn,
squared by Neptune,
who squares Saturn Himself.

Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini
Perceived reality sliding around like soup during turbulence.

I’ve got transiting Saturn aspecting my Moon and Neptune.
The main thing is I can barely stay awake.


Yes. By instinct or when I’m not looking.

I think I am conscious.

I sound just as though I have a plan.

I do have one. Floating around me, a bubble I nudge into place.

Am I taking actual steps? errrr yes,

just don’t ask me to watch myself do it.

~Engineers turn dreams into reality.~

Did we consolidate under the Taurus Moon?
Resolve, firm up?

Notice *Miyazaki’s compassion for Jiro Horikoshi, for the impossibility of understanding our context, and the necessity of letting joy flow through us.

You can’t catch the wind, only fly.

Love YOU!!!



Are we trusting the right people?
Have the conversations you want to, clarifying.
Don’t bother with the rest.


Miyazaki has got to be my favorite famous Capricorn!
I know, I know, Bowie fans can check this EXCITING!!!
Worker-bees, the both of them, life long learners.

To see Miyazaki’s Chart click HERE Saturn hitting his Mars slowed him down, but then it trined his Pluto in LEO, and it will go on to trine his Aries Moon. Deep Creativity, Deep Renewal, Deep Rebirth. A regroup and restructure, not a stop. LOOK HERE

Plus, guess what he did in the meanwhile?


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2 Responses to Moon/Saturn/Neptune

  1. Colleen says:

    *The main thing is I can barely stay awake.*

    You, too? Saturn’s in my 12th, and will be until Jan, and then it will be back June-Sept 2016. Didn’t think either Saturn or Sag were the sleepy types. 😉 Darn that Neptune.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Colleen,

      Yes! Still! Saturn I think slows things down, condenses, depresses. Sag, right, not so much, but with Saturn there, what is slowed/depressed is our idealism. Our ~ bounce~ Bring Neptune in to the equation, and we add unclear boundaries, uncertainty. A bleed through effect… and back to bed with me! lol.

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